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What style of wedding dress would go for a very petite body style with small breast?
I'm 5.1, 100 lbs and my bra size is 32A. Most wedding dresses are not designed for small breased women (actually many dresses are not) but I am looking for styles that would compliment my figure and not take away from it.

if you have links, or anything else, that would help

I'm almost exactly your size. My first pick was a mermaid style dress that accentuates my tiny waist, but it isn't SO tight fitting over the hips, so as not to accentuate my lack thereof. I think strapless is definitely more flattering too, and as someone else mentioned, having cups sewn into a strapless can go a long way! I also ended up getting another dress (Maggie Sottero something or other) That was a corset style on top, but then just flowy light a-line on bottom, which, again, accentuates the waist, but disguises a lack of hips. So if you have 'shape' in the hips area, a mermaid style would look amazing. If you wish to hide a lack of 'shape' like me... a tight fitting corset top with a-line bottom would look perfect!
Petite woman with big breast needs help?
Question... normally a 34DD but I think I may be getting too big for a DD.. however I am too petite for a large band, I just need a larger cup size that can provide a good support. Any suggestions for where to buy a good support bra? Online or any stores on the east coast?
Try going to 'fancier' department stores. I've found that Nordstrom always has a wide variety of bra sizes, sometimes starting at a 30 band and/or going up to an H cup (at least that's the biggest I've seen there). If you truly are 'petite', then you probably don't wear a 34 band -- 34 is about average, and the average American woman certainly isn't petite. Unless you've been properly fitted, your size might be closer to 32F or 30FF!

In any case, don't despair! Just because you can't find a 34DDD at Kohl's doesn't mean they don't exist. :) I wear a hard-to-find size, too, and I usually shop online. I've added some links below. If you are looking for more of a speciality shop than your average department store, Zoë & Co. has locations in RI and NH and carries sizes 28-54 AA-K!
Is it normal for breast pumps to be so slow?
I have a playtex petite breast pump and it takes me usually about 1/2 an hour to an hour to pump 2 ounces. However, on like 2 occasions, I pumped 3 ounces in about 10 minutes...strange! My daughter always seems full after feeding and is gaining weight perfectly and having the right amt of dirty and wet diapers so I am wondering if this is common for this breast pump?
Is the medela more efficient?
She is 3 weeks old: about how many ounces is she getting at each feeding and how long should it be taking?
If you can afford it, DEFINITELY get a Medela. Because they are a company whose sole purpose is helping women initiate and prolong breastfeeding, it's no surprise that they make excellent pumps.

I love the Medela Freestyle, if money is no object. It has a bunch of bells and whistles, such as a backlit timer and meter to show the strength at which the pump is set. It also has a memory button, so if you have a good pumping session you can go back to the same settings for next time. It is also a hands-free pump. You can use it while you type emails, write thank-you notes, whatever. It'll run you about $380.

If you just want the very best pump for the money, I'd go with Medela's Pump in Style Advanced. It's about $280, but in my opinion is about as good for efficiency as the Freestyle. It just isn't as fancy.

Both pumps feature two-phase expression. If you nurse a baby you'll notice that he first sucks fast and shallow to stimulate your milk let-down. Then he will start sucking longer and deeper when the milk is flowing. The pump simulates that, and it increases mom's comfort as well as decreasing the time spent pumping.

I love the Medela pumps because I've used them and sell them at work. Go to for more info.

And the length of a pumping session: 15 minutes of actual pumping, tops. The amount pumped depends on the mother.
Breast implants on petite girls?
I'm one of those really petite blonde girls with A-cup breasts (think Kate Hudson). I'm more and more self-conscious about it. Part of me wants to like myself and say a real guy won't care, but part of me wants to go out and buy implants. I know I'm small and big Cs would look silly, so I would only get a large B or small C.

Do guys prefer real even if they're small, or fake and big?
Most guys will prefer real.

Especially the guys that go for petite girls.

Try birth control first, and if you decide to go implants keep them small so they at least look real and not ridiculous.
What to wear to look sexy for small breast?
I am a 5ft 3 petite with a small breast who always wanted to look hot & sexy for my boy friend. Can you recommend any fasion tips for evening wear and lingerie?
I also stands 5"3 and also petite like you but wearing sexy doesn't count only on breast. There's a lot of dress that can look very sexy without exposing your cleavage. If I want to look sexy since I don't have a big boobs I wear mini skirt with a backless top or a very sophisticated dress(off-shoulder) enough to show some healthy skin and best of all you can look really sexy on the eyes of your boyfriend by being just you. Even though you don't have big boobs but you carry yourself very good I think that's enough for your boyfriend to turn on. You also have to feel good about yourself. Because it will really affect the way you look into yourself.

My body ever since never grow big so since then my boyfriend who is my husband right now looked at me still sexy but not because my body never changed but because I carry myself the way I'm comfortable so even I only wear jeans and a simple top, in his eyes I'm HOT!
Should I have a breast reduction? I'm very petite 5'2" but......?
my breast started growing when I was eight, I know is not extremely big, but it is embarrasing to have people staring at them too much my size now is 36C but like I said, I'm very petite...Should I have a breast reduction? or should I just get used to have this happening? Is been 18yrs and I'm still not used guys staring at them!
you only need a reduction if its causing you any pain or discomfort. But if it really bothers you, then i dont see the harm other than the surgery risks.
Is breast size more important than facial beauty?
I'm in college and I have this group of friends, mixture of guys and girls. We had your typical contest last night that involved a banana.'s what you're thinking. Now all the guys have told me that I'm hot, blonde, blue eyes, petite, but my breast size is less than a AA. The other girl in our group is attractive, but guys don't call her hot, and she has giant breasts. Even though I completely dominated in the competition, all attention was still on how large her breasts are. Is breast size more important than facial beauty?
Breast adds up to your face value. Its not only the face men are looking for for a girl, its the proportion of body and breast plays the major part of it.
Breast agumentation?! petite woman b or c?
Hi im gettin a breast agumentation.. i'm currently 5'4/5'5 weigh about 110/115....
do you think a b or c will look good?!
please i do not wanna hear " you dont need one" or "you are good the way you are"
i really need serious answer.. ty.
Well, as beautiful as I'm sure you are, go with c =] not too big, not too small. I'm a c and I'm happy with it.
Good luck, and whatever you do you'll be stunning regardless =]
Hi im petite size 8 however very big busted 30f is there excercise that can get my breast smaller and firmer?
my brest is quite seggy so is there a way out apart from cosmetic surgery? please help im desperate!!! :!
I am a size 8/10 had have a bust size of 30ff. I know what it feels like.

The breast is made up mostly of tissue so unfortunately there is not much you can do excercisewise to change it. Of course losing weight will make them reduce in size but you are already small so you can only go so far.

What is really good is chest exercises. Focus on making the muscle behind the breasts stronger. I do not remember the right name for the movements but I think bench presses and fly presses are really good. A few press-ups everyday might hepl too. As these muscles get stronger, they actually help the bust to look more raised as they provide more support.

At the same time, please don't depair too much. If you've got it, put it in a plunge bra and flaunt it.

One more thing, try to dress for your shape. Darker tops and lighter bottoms work for me, and forget about high necklines, go for v necks and stay away from tops that are busy in the bust area eg frills and shirts with pockets over the bust.

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