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Most Japanese, Chinese, or Korean Women that come to USA as ESLstudents are lesbians, correct?
These countries have millions of lesbians. And in those cultures they accept gays and lesbians so I'm wondering because i always think that when Japanese girls come to usa that they are attracted to guys.

But actually, i think 99 percent of them are lesbians. So, should i stop thinking that if i meet women from those countries that they'll be interested in me?

I'm male. thanks
Wow!! Give me a link where you got your information, coz that can't be true.
What do bisexual/lesbian White Girls like about Korean Girls?
This is a follow-up question to my earlier question: What do bisexual/lesbian white girls think of Korean girls? Please read the earlier question and answer it first before you do this one! The early question is about What bisexual/lesbian White Girls THINK about Korean Girls? This one is about what bisexual/lesbian White Girls LIKE about Korean Girls?
I like their eyes, and face, their faces are cute!
What is up with Asian girls loving feminine Korean guys so much?
I'm half korean/half american btw. Every time I'm with Korean girls or other asian girls for that matter, they always come up with some bull like you're not "feminine" or "sensitive" enough. Something like I'm too manly for them. They all love these pop groups where the guys wear tight skinny cloths, dye their hair, and some even put lipstick I heard. What is going on here? Did Asian girls become lesbians all of a sudden?
It's call style.
Those male k-pop groups are usually pretty boys and a lot (not all) of Asian girls are attracted to them. They probably think those guys are more gentle and romantic. And I don't know what kind of girls you're hanging out with, but I'm Korean and I'm not like that. Plus, it's not lipstick. It's probably chap stick, because when they go on screen, they have to put on a fresh face appearance. And for the clothes part, Korea and other Asian countries (Japan, Hong Kong etc), have a different style from where ever you're coming from. Over there, it's not gay.

By the way:
"Did Asian girls become lesbians all of a sudden?"
Did you meet all Asian girls?
How would you say this in Korean?
In the least offense way possible, how would you say:

"Hi, I'm a lesbian." in Korean?

Don't use translators please. -_- I can tell.
Politely it is,

Na kochu para.

I had sex with another korean guy, but I don't feel pleasure?
I'm a pure korean girl 22 years old. I had sex with another korean guy, my 56th guy. but i dont feel any orgasm. am i lesbian?

my korean gal pals say the love having sex. but i dont feel pleasure. we slept with every korean guy in out apartment, school fraternity, and k-town clubs.
56 guys? You're probably too loose to feel any pleasure. Sheesh.
Why are Korean women so elegant?
I think many korean men (and lesbian /bisexual women) in korean society are insecure and power hungry for the elegant korean women. Why are Korean women so elegant?
I think its because alot of Korean women exude confidence and style. They know just how sought after they are and they require high upkeep as a result lol
What's a good gender-bending Korean drama?
I'm watching You're Beautiful right now. I'm looking for anything that really messes with traditional gender roles in any way, not just cross-dressing (though I'll certainly accept those too!).

If you know of any KOREAN dramas that deal with gay/lesbian relationships, I would enjoy seeing those too.

You've asked in the right category my friend :]

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince- Yes, its a pain to type the title, but its worth watching it :] Although the first twoish episodes take awhile for the plot to progress, after that, everything gets juicy & i might add, teary. Although the plot seems cliche, it actually works into the drama very well, the actors did a wonderful job in the roles too~~all in all, i'd recommend it. www.mysoju.com/the-1st-shop-of-co…

Personal Preference/Personal Taste- Just like any other KDrama, the beginning of the drama makes you wanna take out a knife and stab a apple with it over & over again. But once the drama gets going, you'll get hooked onto to it (CAUTION: prepare a box of tissues). To you, it might've been just a tad too draggy in the middle of the drama, but you probably wouldn't even notice it x] none hte less, I'd recommend this you to you. www.mysoju.com/personal-preferenc…

Antique Bakery (Shounen Ai, meaning boy love)- I personally did not watch this since i don't have any interest in these type of dramas/movies. This is a movie, but you might enjoy it i guess. 721 people 'Liked' this so this might sastify you~ www.mysoju.com/antique-bakery/

I apologize for any broken links, but please do copy & paste them onto your adress bar :]
What do bisexual/lesbian white girls think of korean girls?
Here is a little background to this question. I'm a 24-year-old korean bisexual girl living USA and I have a relationship with a German American girlfriend. Recently, she had a grandmother mother visiting from Germany and I wanted to meet her but she she doesn't seem to like me. she seems to be making remarks about my eyes (u know, asians have eye shapes that are distinct from europeans). and then i heard them argue. so after the arguement I asked my girlfriend what's going on. she translates to me that her grandma called me a "dirty asian mutt" and that I corrupted her (my girlfriend) into being a lesbian with me. i felt hurt! but my girlfriend stood by me. she said I didn't corrupt her. she chose to love me because i was cute and friendly. that got me thinking about this question. what do lesbian/bisexual white girls think of korean girls? straight girls are welcome to answer this question too!
I think Korean girls are hot! I usually prefer Asians to white girls when it comes to looks. All the Koreans I've met have been very nice and smart, too. Most young people are much less racist than the older generation, if they are racist at all (and the target is more commonly black people than Asians). I think LGBT people would tend to be less racist as well, since we are a minority ourselves. I'm 19 and my heritage is mostly German.

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