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Do you think the Matrix movie tells us about becoming mature?
In the Matrix movie Neo lives in his own world as a hacker,doing everything he wants,doing it safely.When it's about the Matrix,he needs to do things for mankind and to free as many people as he can from the Matrix.But first,he has to free himself from that world and become aware of what he wasn't aware before.
What do you think?
Neo is a chosen one, which implies he already has reached maturity before he gets involved, without, of course, acting mature, since as a computer buff wrapped up in doing what harm he can to his imaginary world, he is clueless as to the reality and what other choice is available. I think the notion of maturity (and even lost innocence of youth) is there, alright, but I doubt if the movie focuses on that as The major theme. The theme seems more to be making sacrifices and doing the heroic thing even as one really wishes that this cup may pass from one.

The argument against is that the prophecy in the movie is different from the prophecies of the Oracle in the ancient world, which invariably came true, no matter how hard the tragic hero might try to run away from or fight the sealed destiny proclaimed through them. Neo, on the other hand, seems to choose his fate. In the words of one of the members of the resistance, he ultimately believes what he wants to believe. In this sense the prophecy seems to be just a trick, Neo's destiny, completely in his own hands.

But then it may also be said that it is hardly mature to endanger one's life. Normally (and ideally) the mature person lives on happily without getting involved and putting his life at risk. It may be said that only an immature and stupid person may choose to be a chosen one under hazardous circumstances.
How do you add magic effects to movies? What free programs can I use?
I am 14 years old so I cannot afford to buy any programs. Are there any good movie editing softwares out there for free that can add magic effects to home made movies?
To see what kind of magic I am talking about, please go to this link:

Don't worry, there's nothing bad with it so you can watch it. Please tell me any video editing programs you know of to add these. I would also like to add the flying effects. Please watch the rest of the video to see what I mean. I would really appreciate it if you could give me an answer. Remember, only free programs please. Also, straight and mature answers please as I want to avoid any conflict. Only straight to the point as some people just answer in (pointless) ways just to get points.Thanks.
windows movie maker can do this
(otherthan that, I think there r no freeware programmes)

Gud Luk.
What are some good websites where i can watch movies online for free for all genres? (adult/mature/guydie....)
i know but they dont have specific genres like if its for guyren or its adult or mature or sex or WHATEVER. so i cant find what i want there cos what im looking for are movies of a specific genre(any movies of that genre will do) so yeah...
english movies, japanese films, korean or chinese movies.
any websites where i can search for very specific genres and has many movies uploaded on the website?
this sjould have anything you could want to see………
Mature question 18+?
any one knows where can i watch pirates adult movie for free?
you can download it off of ... thats where i got it

best answer?
Looking for a screenwriter (or wanna be) willing to develop a movie script or concept for TV with me?
I would prefer someone ideally living in the Boston area that could meet with me once a week to discuss and mature a script. This is not a paying job, I'm just someone looking for someone else for creative and structure input. If you are going to college great! If you are sitting around thinking, hey I wish there was someone that shared the same desire to create since you can't stand most of the movies of TV shows and think you could do better. I'm also thinking about making something for youtube so please feel free to contact me if you're interested.
These kindof "idea" sharring efforts never work out.
And by the way under law no one can "own" an idea.
So anything put on the table is anyones grab.
I have a movie idea, I need to get this Viewed by someone who can help me get it public?
am 15yrs old about to be 16 years old , I have been working on this idea for some time now and I have just started to write the book for my movie idea, I KNOW 100% FACT THAT if this movie idea goes through it will be a big hit I just need someone to represent me , once again I have a great idea that I know will make a big hit I am really looking for someone to help me out here and I need some information on were to go or who i can talk too, to get my movie idea across and ready to make, I am very dedicated to my work and I will do what ever it takes to make this a success PLZ ANYONE THAT WNATS INFO ON THE MOVIE THAT CAN HELP ME PLEASE FEEL FREE TO HIT MY EMAIL UP: once again i am very dedicated, Although i am young i am very mature and i am willing to put almost anything to get this viewed by a somebody who can get it too the public, All im asking for is a chance
That is so cool.
Perhaps consulting an Agent or a publisher might help…
here is an article that has some info , im looking for more stuff too!
"Contact a producer or his agent" i dont know how to do that..but i geuss also contacting a public relations sort of thingy.
thats info on proper script writing
also i read somewhere to keep aside samples of scripts.
But be sure to invest in some copyright stuff too
Best/fav FREE itouch apps?free?
what are ur favs? just FREE though lol thanks if theres any that are rlly worth buying like the angry birds then tell them lol

not jailbroken dont say to not gonna risk not having the warrenty got for xmas

pls dont say useless ones like papertoss and the stapler are there Ny apps that u can download music to ur library free then edit song name?and watch movies/ tv completly free?lol fun apps though! games entertainmrnt exc got fb aim fml skype those dont use twitter if it helps im a 14 yr old girl freshmen in hs lol maturity level on app dont matter im mature lol thanks dont say ro jailbreak!!!!!!
angry birds and sudoku 2.
Can an alcohol-free Halloween party still be fun?
My husband and I are going to be throwing an alcohol-free Halloween party for our friends who range in age from 19-23. We don't drink because of our religion, so there won't be any alcohol at the party, but we still want it to be a good time!

I've got the decorations down pat: black lights, tons of votive candles everywhere, spider webs, spooky music, etc.

I'm also buying a trophy and a medal for the costume contest (It's a costume Halloween party!) for first and second prize.

But I don't know what to DO during the party....obviously there will be lots of food and drinks (I'm planning on doing a "blood" punch, cider, etc. with tons of candy and cupcakes and dips, etc.), but what can I do to entertain my guests?

I am considering a scary movie, but is that really party-worthy? I feel like a movie defeats the purpose of a party because no one would really be talking or doing anything...but I don't know what else we can do?

Suggestions please! Mature but still fun games and activities would be appreciated!!
Fun game I came up with......
My Fav.....because I like to torment people and have a good time is
Pumpkin Autopsy.....Fill a pumpkin with jello..Put it inside a fake corpse to where people are reaching into a chest or butt....(makes for a good laugh and pictures to boot)..Or heck just use the put in a bunch of on those little plastic spiders or fake eyeballs Everybody draws and you give away like a treat or one time I gave away 5 bucks...You would have thought the guy who picked the lucky spider won the lottery.....Its fun to watch people make faces when they put their hands in. If your friends have a good sense of the butt thing. Trust me....the pictures are priceless. This lightens the mood and everybody is taking pictures of everyone else reaching into a rather uncomfortable looking me thats what you want to start with is something that will get everyone loosened up and just get them to relax. This will also get people to talking which is what you want. I came up with this because I too had a few parties where drinking was not present and I wanted the guest to have a good time.

You can also do win, lose or draw halloween version....or Halloween guess who? where everybody acts out famous Halloween monsters.

Ghost stories.....pass the torch....this is where one person starts the story and then the torch gets passed to another person who must continue the story....

You can do anything with a twist of Halloween. I have had everything from chocolate taste tests, shoot blindfold someone and see if they can guess candies by smell or depends on what you feel like your guests will like. I always leave movies as an option just in case.

The reason people drink at parties is because it is easy. People who do not have drinking at parties tend to throw better ones because they try harder to bond with the people around them. Everyone has a good time and no hang overs the next day.

I hope whatever you do you have a good time and that you find the answers you need.

Happy Halloween
Where can i watch the strangers online free? no subscriprion no membership fees???
ok so i went to the movies yesterday and me and my friends were gonna go see the strangers but we had no idea it was rated R, and we even tried sneaking in a lot of times but it didnt work and we had already bought a ticket and they wouldnt let us refund it! and i want to see that movie ! im 15 and im mature enough i just really want what i paid for dude! please someone give me a website, because ive downloaded to movies already that are titled the strangers but when i watch it, it says to go to some website and it makes me mad! help please :(…

I'm watching it right now!
Editing of Standard Cable vs. Commercial Network Programing? How are they the same/different?

How are broadcast networks and cable networks the same/different with regards to dealing with the editing of program content? For instance, in many cases, a Standard Cable service in my area, Turner Classic Movies will usually show uncut R-rated filmes after 10PM and try to keep all of their filmes uncut. (I did see a censored version of Raging Bull on that channel, but it was skillfully edited.) However,most other broadcast stations will show movies and programs with editing.
I recall when Schindler's List was first broadcast by NBC, very minimal editing was done with a strong advisory warning and the first big movie to be shown on broadcast networks to recieve a "TV-M" for mature audiences rating. Why can a channel like TCM show uncut movies but broadcast networks can't? Are there free speech concerns here?

The FCC regulates "over the air" broadcast channels (generally your local ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS affiliates and some small indepedents) but cable only stations have never had any content standards imposed upon them.

Used to be no such thing as cable stations when the original law was written, and all attempts to include them in the content standards have failed.

That's why you can see nudity on Cinemax, but CBS gets fined for Janet Jackson's fiasco..

In practice, most cable stations (TNT, TBS, ESPN) police themselves, but more recently they have allowed more risque content to slip through..

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