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A black man is deservedly to become the Leader of the Free World and move into the White House?
Given that this would have been unthinkable only a few decades ago: do you think a Lesbian or a Gay Man or even a Transsexual would succeed in winning the White House if the electorate bought their campaign message?
Not a snowball's chance in hell in the near future. After we're all dead, possibly. LONG after we're all dead.

Dream on though.
Did the hanging effigy of Gov. Palin by the gay men effect how the general public voted for prop 8?
The left thought it was funny and a proper expression of free speech.
But if you think about it, I'm sure black people did not laugh and neither did women. People all over Cal. didn't hear what the Mormons said (if they did they already knew what their stance was, duh). But everybody saw what the two gay men did. So, instead of blaming Mormons and whoever, they should look at their own guys to blame.
I don't know what effect, if any, this had on prop 8.

What I do know is this is was a prime example of how the politically correct left interprets free speech. I cannot understand why they get away with these double standards. 'Hanging' Sarah Palin is free speech, mentioning that you know how to tie a knot is a hate crime.

I am not making this up!
Skin color DOES matter in gay men relationship?
I won't talk about political, economic or educational but just social issue in gay men relationship. I used to have a personal color preference to my partner. Some people might say, "Well it's okay because people are more likely to get attracted to the same color." Well I would say, "No" because the ridiculous thing was that I was more into different color but not mine. Was it just my personal preference? Or was I a racist? I read from sociology book that White/Hispanic men are masculine, Black/Hispanic men dangerous and Asian men asexual. Maybe the book was just biased or over-described. I used to believe that the skin color issue plays the main role when people think of their partners because I used to be one of them. You can't really blame me though :D because our society was sending me hidden message that whites are most demanded in gay porn and even on craigslist ads saying "White/Latino only". Would they still be saying that it is just their personal preference regardless of skin color? Anyway I do agree that NOT ALL PEOPLE feel the same way. Some people wouldn't care about their partner's skin color, but they do have their personal skin color preference on their partners? I would personally believe that skin color issue DOES exist in gay men relationship. Please feel free and share what you think because I wanna know how people think of this issue. I wouldn't mind to get a negative comment or an argument.
If someone over analyzes something then argument can be made to justify just about anything.

No, skin color doesn't matter one hoot with regards to a gay relationship. What matters is consistency of the content of character.
Why do I keep attracting feminine or gay men?
So, though he won't admit it, the signs are there, and he keeps asking questions heterosexual men do not...he's gotta be gay or at least bi. The sad part is that he's just another guy in a series of men I keep attracting. This would be number 8 in 6 years. Single, black, female and hurt.

I hear that many black women attract gay men. I know I'm strong minded and can come off domineering. I know my personality is open and honest. Theirs is more closed and vauge. I'm happy and free. They don't seem to be. They want me to determine stuff and make decisions for them. I'm tired of being a "psuedo-girlfriend." I turned 27 last Tuesday and this constantly reminds me that I'm probably not destined for anyone.

I've gotten my life together in many ways. I've lost weight, looked more feminine and joined a support group to help deal with my emotional issues. I just recently learned I've got some "codependecy" issues so that might have something to do with it. Any real advice?
Honey, maybe your personality is very attractive, and you keep attracting feminine/gay guys because gays and femmes LOVE women who are strong and independent. What you need to do is accept your graces and keep living life. I am sure you will find a straight masc man who will love your attributes. You know that pretty/hot girls ALWAYS hang out with gays,right? Use that to your advantage. Take your gay friends to a straight bar, have them lavish you with compliments, and a straight man will surely take notice.
Is Bradley Manning to gay rights what Rosa Parks was to black civil rights?
Will gay marriage be a reality by next year?

Its like the last stand against freedom by religious oppression. Imagine a world where there are no barriers. We are so close.

50 years after the civil rights marches of the south. Gays will be just as free.
If you don't love America you are a traitor and guilty of treason it says so in the constitution.
(asking gay men) Penises: likes and dislikes?
I'm not asking this to "see if I have what people like," I love my penis :D

I'm just bored and curious about other gay men's likes and dislikes.

for example, mine are:

I like my partner in sex to be uncut, but I am uncut and love being uncut. I like large penises (big surprise haha) but am glad mine isn't gigantic because I wouldn't enjoy causing a sex partner pain when topping. I like darker colored penises, but am not particularly fond of black penises (not in a racist way obviously). I like big shooters (wee a fun explosive finish! haha). I like watching porn with men who are uncut, but as I said, prefer my sexual partner to be cut. I care a LOT more about girth than length. I like em clean n smooth, veins are ok.

What are your personal likes and dislikes when it comes to your sexual partner's penis, penises in porn, and your own?

Like said in the title, really only interested in answers from gay men, but women feel free to contribute if you must :P

boredom has inspired curiosity! :)
One that's functioning and non-diseased.
US question - is there a shortage of eligible/dateable black men in America?
I am from the UK but i keep hearing people complainint that there is a shortage of eligible black males (apparently they are either gay, married or incarcerated lol) and that those that are left dont want black women and want to date other races.

I think people should be free to date who they want by the way, but i just want to hear from those who believe that there is a shortage of black men. If you think there is a shortage please explain how you came to this conclusion

I am not buying it by the way.

PS - apologies if this question is not PC - but sometimes you just have to cut thru the BULL!!
Umm, they're only interested in non-black women. White women are precious to them.
Gay men : a poll just for fun?
This is going to be completely for fun. From each pair, you are allowed to pick only one. If you want to include a word or two about the choice, feel free.

1. Jack Black or Adrian Brody

2. Matt Damon or Ben Affleck

3. George Clooney or Russell Crowe

4. John Stamos or Noah Wylie

5. Hugh Jackman or James Marsden

6.Billy Currington or Chris Evans

I know this is a really random list, but I'm just curious
1. Jack Black - freakin hilarious...sometimes
2. Ben Affleck - Matt Damon looks like he's 12.
3. George Clooney - no comment.
4. Noah Wylie - random pick
5. Hugh Jackman - wolverine's cooler than cyclops
6. Chris Evans - hands down.
Very important question for the African American men?
I keep hearing black men on the down low say: "I can't be myself with the woman I love, she will leave me!" How do guys (gay or straight) feel about this epidemic. Should these guys be open from the jump with these ladies? Or should the ladies be just a bit more sympathetic? And also, feel free to discuss the aids epidemic too, especially the connection it "may" have with promiscous behaviors.
Don't believe the hype . There are a lot of White men on the down low and they are infecting White women but the media wants to ignore that fact and focus on Black people. It is so weird to me how only 12% of the population gets so much attention from White people. You would think Black people made up 35 to 45 percent of this country. This is just another example of media mind games to keep the people dumb.
What are good dating sites for gay men?
I am a 20 year old gay guy from NJ who is interested in interracial dating (im black into dating white guys) however all the guys in my area seem to be very closed off to that idea. I want to be able to find a site that helps me find other guys. I know about Adam 4 Adam (which sucks btw) Ive heard of BGClive which ALSO sucks.
and Ive heard of connexion (which is a dead site)
Does anyone know any others that are free
free meaning i never have to pay to become a member at all or use any of the site's basic features
There are NO free dating sites other than craigslist.

ALL other dating sites require you to pay them money in order to contact anyone.

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