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Does any other married have experience with their husband suckling?
Anyone have experience with a husband who LOVES to steal babies breast milk and drink it?

My husband loves to wait until I fall asleep and sneak a few gulps----is this normal?
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Is it wrong if your husband still suckles on his mother's breast at 36?
I went to my mother in laws house one afternoon to surprise her with a cake. I saw my husband's car in the driveway so I decided to go in the back door thinking he was there to have lunch with her like he did every week ( the days changes each week), and I thought I would join them in the kitchen. When I didn't see them in the kitchen, I proceeded to go toward the living room, and when I turned the corner, from a distance I saw the legs of my husband facing toward the window and he was lying down on the couch with he head being held like a baby in his mother's lap and she was letting him suckle on her breast and rubbing his back at the same time. I yelled and tried to leave but they told me to sit down at she began to explain to me that she has always allowed him to suckle her breast and never stopped because it was comforting to him. My husband had been doing this all this time and never told me. He asked me if he could still have my breast at home and have his mother's once a week as well. I am confused, he suckles my breast for an hour before bed, again in the middle of the night and then before he goes to work in the morning from 5:30 am to about 6:30 non stop. What should I do?
Is this a serious question? If it is serious, then he has some bad issues. If it is a joke, then YOU have issues.
My husband is obsessing over my breast milk, please help me?
My perverted husband is obsessing over my breast milk and demanding that I wet him in bed and that he be allowed to suckle my sore nipples. Should I be grateful for the attention, or tell him to back off?
OMG, LOL, Are you gonna diaper him too and let him have his fun?? Id tell him to back off, the milk is for the little baby not the big baby
I noticed on the beach in Malaga one guy is suckling on his girlfriend's breasts. Is that normal in Spain?
We took a trip to Malaga and as we are walking onto the beach, we see alot of topless women of different ages. We noticed a woman sunbathing topless while a guy apparently husband or boyfriend suckling vigorously on her breasts. Is that legal in Spain while there are people of different ages present there?
Sexual intercourse in public places is legal in Spain, AS LONG as there is some sort of "privacy barrier" (bushes, WC door...).

I guess on the beach people are more relaxed about that than anywhere else.

Anyway, it was just love, nothing harmful.
Breast feeding my ten month old with a husband who is getting obsessed?
I breastfeed my ten month old daughter - Holly for two feeds daily. The thing is my husband has recently come slightly obsessed with me breastfeeding her and always wants to hold her when she feeds. He wasn't like this with our son and other daughter when they breast fed.

We've only started having sex again in the last couple months and whenever we do he's suckling at my breasts and expressing the milk. He knows I don't like him doing and I keep telling him it's not his but ur daughter's but it doesn't seem to have sunken in.
Does anyone have any ideas how I can make him stop because the milk is for our daughter and I want to breast feed her until at least 18 months because I couldn't do that for our son and his twin sister who has died before Holly was born.
It took you ten months to start having sex again? No wonder the poor guy's obsessed.
My husband also has a weird thing with breast milk.
Look, men like breasts, and yours just happen to be making milk right now.
They make these things for men, that hang around their neck and hold two bottles, so the father can hold the baby and feed the guy as if he were breastfeeding. Maybe you should express some breast milk and let him try that, if you can find one, and if your baby will take a bottle.
I think men get kind of obsessed by the things our bodies can do that theirs can't, like be pregnant and breastfeed. I wouldn't worry about it too much, unless he demands that you express milk for his morning coffee, or something like that, or unless he wants you to keep breast feeding him even after you've weaned your daughter.
Everything is probably going to be just fine.
Can a man suckling on a woman's breast cause her to lactate?
When my husband and I made love tonight me caressed and suckled my left breast/nipple quite a lot. I jumped in the shower right after and as i cleaned myself i must have squeezed my left breast because i noticed something white on my nipple! I squeezed deliberately this time and more came out! I squeezed my other one numerous times but no milk came out of that one! do you think the fondling had something to do with this? I have never had a guy and my period came on time last month and all signs seem to be pointing it will be on time again. I am freaking out....should I be?
its likely discharge, but it IS possible to lactate from your husband suckling on them enough... dont freak out!! this is normal, but keep an eye on it, if it happens a lot, may want to get it checked out.
Breast feeding and your husband is interested in your boobs? whats your thought?
i'm just curious, what do you do if your husband gets turn on by sucking and biting your breasts while having sex? what do you do after you have guyren and when your in the breastfeeding part of your baby's life and he wants to do suck on your breasts while while having sex???do you just tell your husband not do suck or bite on breasts for a year till after breast feeding is done with??

has this happened to you?

has your husband ever drank your milk or wanted to try to suckle on you??


(sorry if this question is weird or gross, i was just thinking about it and just want to know what people tell me)
If it doesn't bother you and it doesn't gross out your husband, than your boobs are definitely not off-limits. My husband definitely got a couple mouthfuls of breastmilk. He says it is sweet, like cereal-milk.

Some men are really grossed out by it and others are even turned on by it. It is totally a decision you and your hubby will make together!
Could my husband be a pedophile? Please read before judging?
I asked this question last night about breastfeeding my 10 month old whilst having a husband that like suckling on my breasts when we try to have sex;_ylt=Aqji3kVN7a0XLSVHTqxO.qjsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081203140758AAp3WA7

This was her answer: I think its very disturbing that he can associate sex with a guy, I would seriously leave him for this. He is a total pedophile and you're sleep walking into a very serious situation.

Well what this user has said has given me doubts over my husband and his behavior. Could my husband be a pedophile? I've not seen any changes in his behavior other than the wanting to suckle on my breasts when we have sex, wanting to hold our daughter when she's being breast fed and wanting to help when I express milk for bottles when I go to work.
It sounds like a fetish but I would keep a close eye on him and watch for other changes in his behavior..
My husband loves to suckle on my breasts whenever possible he keeps my nipples in his mouth , is it normal?
During night time he keeps my nipples in his mouth all through the night. A number of times he starts suckling my breasts during the night. If one is in his mouth the other one is stuck between his fingers. He does it even when he wont have sex with me. Each night its the same. Even if its day time , a sunday afternoon or any other time , he is crazy about my boobs. I do not expel any milk from the nipples They are still inverted. How can i make them errected at all times so i am even more enjoyable for him in bed?
I always get wet and discharge many times through the night . I enjoy this each time during sex and also otherwise. I love his dependancy of having a calm night sloop when my nipples are in his mouth or fingers.
my husband does this and he loves it!!!

you write reallly sexily! if u wanna swap stories email me on
Is there anything wrong if a wife breastfeed her husband before and after guybirth?
Iam asking this because my husband wants to suckle my breast (nipples) and I don't know whether it is right.
Um, yuk! Wait till he tastes it.
I think it is wrong and majorly kinky.

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