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How does a person find the agencies that deal with Female adult movie stars?
I'm looking to get into the adult industry and I am certain that there must be some agencies that deal with the vast quantities of women in the adult business, I'm living in the UK, so hopefully someone knows of one of these agencies, or perhaps the procedures that someone in my position would go through to find an actress of this kind. If not an agency, then perhaps some other route? Thanks.
Vivid videos deals with adult film stars. There are also local agencies but I would not go through them. Try to go through adult magazines or strip clubs first like Deja Vu or Penthouse.
How do you apply eyeshadow like strippers and adult movie stars?
Everytime I try, I can never get it right! I have all kinds of make-up. I recently bought eyeshadow with blacks, silvers and pearly white colors...I've seen a lot of girls do their eyes with those colors...but I can't! Any tips?
Using bright colors with a dark color is an awesome way to get that sexy look.You are going to need basically three shades: A cream/white, a dark color/black, and a pop color/yellow or pink. Apply the lightest shade under your eyebrow and the darkest in your crease and the pop color right on the lid. Blend well. Line your eyes on top and bottom and even add false lashes for sexy volume. Finish with a glossy lip and bam HOT MAMA?Stripper?Adult Star? LOL
Has any former adult movie stars ever proclaimed to joining the Mormon church?
I am only curious about this because I hear many cases of former ones becoming just Christians.
I dont know.

If they did then they would have had to repent of their sins before baptism and then after baptism they would be totally clean of them and so it really wouldnt matter if they had been former adult movie stars anymore.
What happens to old adult movie stars?
how many make enough money to be set for life? how many die of drug or suicide? where do old xxx rated stars go when the career is dead?
Know that old guy that bags your groceries at the supermarket? Yup, he could have been in "Debbie Does Dallas." Make sure and wash all your vegetables thoroughly when you get home...
What happens to retired adult movie stars?
Do they just kinda have a crummy life after all their glory is gone? Can anyone tell me of ONE success story after the big life? Doesnt that make porn evil because it robs people of their souls? What do you think?
Many of them get into other aspects of the XXX business, such as production, directing, editing, marketing, etc. Sharon Mitchell, who is in Hustler's hall of fame, went on to earn her doctorate degree in human sexuality and runs the nonprofit Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation which provides STD testing, drug testing, counseling, etc to XXX stars. However, I'm sure there are some that end up working at WalMart too. It seems just like any other profession: You have some good, and some bad.
Aren't adult movie stars just a different type of prostitute?
I'm not trying to be crude here, but If you get paid to do something in front of a camera vs being paid to the same thing without a camera, how are those two things any different other than the price?

Prostitution is illegal in california, yet they produce most of the worlds xxx films. Couldn't you pick up a girl on a street corner, put up a camera, and hire her and suddenly that would be legal? No camera and it's illegal prostitution.

What do you think?
The difference is what is called a "John" or customer. In Adult film both are payed for their "performance". There is no customer. As for legality...well the jury is still out on that. The Justice department was about to do a sweep on the adult industry just before 9-11, but it was put on hold. Federal laws differ from state laws in this regard much like the Medicinal Marijuana Laws.
Can I get the names of some German adult movie stars?
well the title says it all

just post some hot adult movies stars in germany
- Gina Wild
- Leonie Saint
- Anja Juliette Laval
- Jana Bach
- Tyra Misoux
- Katja Kassin
- Lydia Pirelli
- Vivian Schmitt
How do adult movie stars(male) keep their "compusure" for so long?
Do they use a spray? or is it just clever editing?
They just keep a mental picture of me all the time

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